Reviews for Overlord ( 2018 ) 720p

A hot mess of fail

By: Sankari_Suomi
Generic concept. Numerous plot holes. Dull, cardboard cut-out characters. Increasingly unrealistic and unbelievable behaviour from protagonists and antagonists alike. Tropes piled upon stereotypes piled upon predictable story elements randomly picked from a script writer's recycle bin

The best I can say about this movie is that it opened well. I absolutely loved the establishing scene. Sadly, it crashed shortly afterwards, and never recovered.

I rate Overlord at 13.32 on the Haglee Scale, which works out as a lazy 4/10 on IMDB.

As an alternative I strongly recommend the excellent Frankenstajnova vojska, which had a tiny budget that probably wouldn't even cover coffee for the film crew on the set of Overlord.

This is an absolutely cracking little indie flick, with 100% practical effects and a whole lot of heart. It's copped a lot of undeserved abuse on IMDB, but I give it a solid 26.64 on the Haglee Scale (8/10 on IMDB).

Totally original

By: propergol
Not. It's a shameless ripoff of a 2013 grindhouse-like film Frankenstein's Army, almost verbatim. Except FA manages to be creative and suspenseful while this high-budget Hollywood schlock is merely a waste of time, money, and effort. Avoid and rent Frankenstein's Army instead.

Total Trash

By: tbridges-51557
Stupid premise, awful special effects, insane acting. Waste of time.

I hoped for more...

By: dlbearcave-2
I heard so much about this film that I went into it with high expectations. The opening 1/3 of the movie was a cliche per minute and almost totally ripped off from "Band of Brothers" Plus it was loaded with unrealistic things like black men serving in mixed race units, and a mixed unit with a black sergeant. These things never would have happened, it just wasn't done at that time. I started wondering if I was seeing the right movie.

So once the horror part of the movie began I noticed it was again ripped off, this time from "Return To Castle Wolfenstein". Very little of it was even slightly surprising, since I played the game all the way through 15 yrs ago.

I found it to be unoriginal, unrealistic and predictable. I guess it's just me. 2 stars at best.

The Writers Were Not Overworked

By: cmatthias79
I was looking for some low-stakes fun, and didn't go into the movie with high expectations. Even so, this movie was STILL a disappointment. Tropes galore, without any of the joy of campiness. Constant terribleness with no memorable characters, a sparse dialogue, and not a subplot in sight left me feeling like I spent the evening watching a stranger play a first-person shooter video game.

Hard pass on this one.

Why, why, why?

By: aramsdale
Brilliant aeroplane opening scene then really good 30 min then turns into a ridiculous, stupid choice making farce. Ruined with pathetic sentiment.


By: rcsharritt
What a mess. Too much time getting to the point. Too much violence. Lame acting. No musical score. Waste of time and money. People who gave it a 10 must be on the payroll of the studio.

High expectations cus of reviews and i love a good b-movie but this turned out to be a boring one.

By: benj-20839
I really felt conned by the halfway point of this, from then on i kept thinking that i'd rather have waited for it to come to TV instead of wasting time and money on it.

From what i just watched, its not the "fun, original, scary, gory, inventive thrill-ride, maximum shock value, insane" film its been reviewed to be. Definitely NOT scary or gore filled, and with the $38 million budget you'd have expected A LOT more!

The opening 5-10 minutes the reviews have been raving about was ok, its not an opening that would warrant a cinema visit, it ain't no Saving Private Ryan, Edge Of Tomorrow, etc battle scene, as it's over in a flash, roughly 1 or 2 minutes of action, pretty much whats in the trailer and the rest is characters chatting! Then it quickly slows to its meandering pace, with been-there-done-that scenes with added cheese and cliche characters, which start to wear your hopes for a fun big budget B-movie way he f down. I just became bored and just hoped for an outstanding action filled and creative finale to win me over. But NO, the ending is just standard gun play, explosions and one fight that's over way too soon and that's your lot! I would have been satisfied if it had maybe matched an exciting Expendable's type finaly as it was a similar premise.

It's a film that never takes its idea's far enough, never too crazy or too gory but just a very controlled and safe 18 certificate B-movie. And it's a movie that mostly relies on the stupidity/naivety of its lead character to make the plot move forward. If you're after a subtle b-movie then this may be for you

I was really looking forward to this because i'd read really good things, and i missed Slaughterhouse Rulez cus of this.

An episode of the Walking Dead is more exciting, gripping, tense and fun.

Check it out and make up your own mind up but i've given you a heads up. I didn't expect the grindhouse style of Planet Terror with Overlord but Planet Terror was a great fun big budget B-movie!!

Way better than you'd ever expect & not what you'd think from the trailer

By: bridgetbreland
Wow color me impressed:) I went in with low expectations but from the adrenaline filled, edge of your seat opening I was hooked.I thought it would be schlock horror. What I got was a well acted, well scripted action/drama/horror film that actually had me caring about the characters.Very unique and I agree with other reviewers that it should be a cult classic. I hope more people go to see it in theaters as it deserves a much wider audience.

Disappointing at best.

By: kellvallon
I was very excited for this movie when I saw the previews for it. Unfortunately the advertising was much better than the actual film. If your looking for a good ww2 nazi horror film this is not it. Go play one of the Castle Wolfenstein games instead. Atleast they had better characters and story. With this you dont get any character development. The characters are not likeable and the story is vague. My recommendation is wait till it's on Netflix. This movie is not worth the price of admission.

Rewriting History For The PC Generation.

By: danoftheworld-85555
Okay, it's a zombie movie (and I use the term zombie lightly as it's not really got any zombies in it just super strong humans) but it is still set in the real world during WW2. TV shows/Movies and games these days are rewriting history to cater to the PC snowflakes. History wasn't PC so stop sugar coating it and tell it like it really happened before we all start to believe all this crap.

The story is not great either with no likable characters no real plot just a lot of disjointed scenes thrown together. Makes you feel like they didn't quite know how to finish their war movie so just threw in a few "zombies" at the end. These days it seems the trailers are better than the actual movies themselves.

The preview looked promising but the movie itself felt flat with a huge thud

By: bradinhanson
The character is dull and doesn't want to hurt a fly even though it's a war movie. He was easily the worst part of the movie and was hard to engage in the film all because of him. His team is hysterically 2-dimensional and comedic during intense moments asking yourself if this is a comedy or a war movie. There were parts that left me squirmish because of intended rape. But probably the worst combo came from a dull movie with plenty of jump scares. No build up just jump scares out of the blue. Of course the movie often relied on the stupidity of characters to make the plot moving forward. I get that corporations are trying to recruit for their privitized armies and all but they went a little to hard on "you can be the insignificant guy and still be a hero." How cute.

Fun war movie with a horror twist

By: tedbreen
Fun war movie with a horror twist. On its face, it is a procedural military mission - get in and do the thing to support the impending Allied invasion. The horror twist comes when the soldiers discover some strange stuff happening in the village. Medical experiments are being performed to transform normal humans into super soldiers. The mission now becomes twofold: destroy the tower and destroy the lab! Nothing particularly special or innovative about the story, but it was wildly entertaining and enjoyable. Very exciting edge-of-your-seat action scenes, well-performed roles, top-notch special effects, and solid jump scares. We watched it in the Dolby theater at AMC Metreon in SF. It was super loud and the place was rocking!

Shallow, cheap filmmaking meets Wolvenstein

By: burcak-baskan
Extremely shallow in every way. Logic of the story fails in the very basics, tries to soup it up with very loud noises, explosions, shaky cam, close up shots on shocked faces, goes into horror mode and opts to scare you with cheap tricks. You also get all the politically correct narrative: All Germans are Nazis, all of them are totally evil and should be shot on sight, evil white men do evil things and the pure, baby faced black guy does all the right things oh and the girl kicks ass. Really? This is the best you came up with in 2018? Sorry I don't have any tolerance for film scripts that choose to pick parts off a scenario lego set and call it art.The supporting cast do as good a job as they can given the abysmal script but the main character fails and not just because of the bad script.Visually it's not entertaining, even on the wide screen of a movie theater i felt like i was watching a cheap computer game animation on my computer screen. Fitting I guess as the story is pretty much Wolvenstein 3D of ancient days. Except the hero mainly runs away instead of gunning everything down.

Call Of Wolfenstein: Overlord

By: Pjtaylor-96-138044
'Overlord (2018)' certainly has tonal issues, often being properly horrific but seeming to want to inject humour at the most inopportune of moments. It's also quite schlocky essentially every time it tries to do anything more traditionally 'war movie'-esque. This is especially prevelant in the moments where it wants us to believe its heroes are being overtly and defiantly heroic, in spite of their army-given orders or previously quite unlikable (sometimes contemptible) character-traits, or in the times where it tries to tie its events directly into the narrative of the overall Second World War - which is actually quite disturbing not in its slightly jingoistic and strangely campy ending but in its undercurrent of Nazi experimentation, something that did really occur to an extent perhaps less sensational but far more despicable than what's seen here. Really, the issues come down to the writing, which isn't as nuanced as it perhaps thinks it is but also isn't as straight-forwardly 'genre-specific' as it perhaps ought to have been. There are times when the flick works, though, which mainly come when it slips straight into the fantastical, horror territory where it feels most at home and, indeed, adept. Here, it puts the historical context further into the background than before, using it as a backdrop for a sort of silly but played-straight science-fiction flick that actually works well when it tries to scare and make squirm. The visuals are pretty much universally good and, aside from a couple of unnecessarily glorified gore-shots, the violence is presented as believably painful and properly gruesome, too. Ultimately, this makes for a flawed experience that's at its best when it just lets the viscera fly like it is slick, big-budgeted and generally very well put-together grindhouse-bound 'trash art'. 6/10

Fun and Action

By: snt043005
Perfect blend of WW2 action, zombies and gore. Don't go into this expecting Oscar nominations, and you'll enjoy the ride. It was exactly what I expected- I was entertained for close to 2 hrs. Got my money's worth.

Over and Under.

By: aciessi
In Nazi occupied France, in what I'd say is the same time period Aldo Raine was collecting scalps and chasing after Hans Landa, a ragtag group of paratroopers crash lands near the headquarters of a diabolical science lab where humans are taken against their will to guinea pig a top secret serum that transforms them into super-human zombies.

Overlord is exactly the kind of film you'd expect to see in the early 80's in the naughtier section of the video store. A WWII-set, Science-Fiction blood binge made for midnight viewings... or at least, that was the intention. Overlord, the actual film, has trouble expressing itself in this way. At times it takes itself too seriously. Other times, it goes for the gross out moment, but never takes it far enough. Overlord seems to be afraid of it's own shadow. It should've been more outrageous, more shameless and more hard-R that it is here. A worth while effort, and far from a cheap cinematic affair, but not satisfying.

Sleeper hit

By: sujithmadhavan
Absolute beauty. That jump sequence at the start was just phenomenal

Most metal war epic ever

By: henry-66183
You want gore? You want evicerated and mangled bodies?(kinda messed up but whatever) you want zombies? You want an almost historically accurate war movie? Well that's what I wanted and I tell you this movie delivers on every aspect of what I just said. Screw meta critic. Absolutely entertaining movie.

A fine mixture of action/war/horror that works just so well

By: john-clarke-25337
I was fortunate enough to see an advance screening of Overlord and really didn't know what to expect being that my only exposure to the film was a trailer at the screening of another film a few days before. I will confess to not being a great fan of the war genre and more leaning to the horror element the trailer suggested was contained.The opening sequences of the soldiers on the plane is absolutely awesome, the effects the acting were top draw and had me thinking maybe I should give war films a little more of my time. Its a dark film with a very clever plot and all the actors play their role brilliantly and are very believable. As I have said the war scenes are spectacular to look at and the horror scenes are not so over the top as to ruin the hard work that has come before it. In a very weird way the factors leading up to the horror scenes are believable and you can imagine that just maybe somewhere in a dark forest these things could actually be happening.Its a great film that doesn't take itself too seriously and is exactly what the trailer suggests, an action packed visual delight that deserves to be seen.My only concern is that it doesn't get ignored due it being released around the same time as Halloween and Bohemian Rhapsody as it truly deserves a platform of its own.Support this little gem you will not be disappointed