Reviews for Last Glimpse ( 2019 ) 1080p

Modern-day Atlantis

By: luftkrieg
If you've ever wondered what it's like living less than 5 feet above sea level, this one's for you! A short and entertaining overview of a vibrant, resourceful community that has a sword hanging over its head. Most of it will be submerged by 2100 if mankind doesn't get off its collective derriere. See it before it becomes just another legend...


By: solegrillee003
A much needed focus on the ecological plight facing the Republic of Maldives. Spread the word!

An inspirational call to action. Must see!

By: Tempo_Robato
A well-crafted and compelling look at the endangered marvels of the Maldives archipelago, highlighting diverse local communities dedicated to protecting this precious ecosystem from serious threats. A highly recommended project worthy of widespread support!

An intimate look at an island paradise

By: akikosun
This is an extremely well done travel show, with a purpose. It's a cinematically beautiful, entertaining, and educational introduction to a unique place. I learned a lot about the Maldives from this film, and it has inspired me to visit the islands one day. It has also made me more conscious about my own impact on the environment, and more aware of the effects of global climate change.

Great film on an important topic!

By: nicholasbniles
The host does a great job showing the very real effects of climate change in a very concrete manner. Hopefully human kind will muster the political courage necessary to tackle this issue before it's too late.

Like a mini vacation to the Maldives

By: sunrock78
Fun to watch...the host is great, the people he meets are incredible, the cinematography is gorgeous. The 45 minutes fly by and leave you wanting more.

One view of Literally Thousands

By: TheDanMan1 is impossible to capture all the alternative theories, opinions and nuances that appear in the thousands of scientific articles on this subject.