Reviews for Suburbia ( 1983 ) 1080p

Takes me home

By: phorever
I love this movie even more now then I did back then. I think this should be a mandatory watch before your first purchase at Hot Topic. This movie gives me an odd sense of comfort when I watch it?something I can't find anymore. I wasn't a "TR Kid" (figuratively speaking), but I knew them all, I hung out at the "TR House"?you were always welcome there. They were my friends, my family, they were as accepting of you as you of them?someone always had your back?another thing you can't find anymore.

But enough reminiscing. I recommend this movie to anyone who was in the scene back then?but you guys have seen it. I also recommend this movie to all the new school kids who think they get it. Punk isn't what you wear, punk is who you are.

Wheres the war?..........up your ass!

By: sirkevin1967
Bad acting and grainy celluloid,this film was my fashion guide in the mid 80's. I stumbled across it in a video rental shop in Florida and invited all my friends round to watch with me as I replayed it over and over. We all liked D.I and T.S.O.L anyway and seeing them live (well at least in the film) was something that we relished as Punk was not very popular in Florida. Within a week we had all bleached our hair and were donning ripped jeans and home made t-shirts. We would happily recite lines such as "you can't sleep in the grass the snails will crawl in your face". We even took over a derelict house and called guessed it, T.R house. Recently I was in a DVD shop in West London and I saw Suburbia on DVD for £10. Watching it again I was taken back to my teenage years realising that the film is still as low budget as ever but oh what an impact it made.

History lesson and memories

By: Grosik_Stim
Okay, punks. If you grew up on punk icons Good Charlotte, if you call Green Day's Dookie or Offspring's Smash "old school", if you paint your leather because you saw it on VH1, if you think the term "hardcore" relates to Ozzfest somehow, if you think skinheads originated in America as a racist gang, if you think tagging cars and brick walls started with hip-hop, if you call slam dancing "moshing"... here's a little history lesson:

1. Good Charlotte is a mainstream pop-rock band

2. Green Day released great records called 39 Smooth and Kerplunk on Lookout. Offspring's debut (if you can find an original copy) is fast, sloppy, out of tune and pretty cool. But if you're really looking for old school, The Damned can give you a good glimpse into where T.S.O.L (with two songs in the movie) and even Brit-pop come from.

3. Four offset bars are required on all leather jackets. Thank Greg Ginn.

4. Hardcore is, well, without explaining American post-punk and straight edge, Dead Kennedys, SNFU, 7 Seconds, Agnostic Front, Crucifucks, Youth of Today, Judge, Gorrila Biscuits and thousands more, not Slipknot. Go listen to Propaghandi.

5. Violent, young, maybe confused in their politics, but ignore the news stories and find a 4-Skins or Sham 69 record. Then look up S.H.A.R.P. on the internet.

6. Look for the Exploited's mantra "Punks Not Dead" on the walls of your local alleys, it's probably still there somewhere.

7. There's a way to do it, look at a Circle Jerks shirt. Stage diving used to be legal... honest.

AND... if you needed to be told any of that, go rent Suburbia and you'll take your first step toward enlightenment. Oi, Oi That's yer lot.

Suburbia - A good movie

By: johnnyboy1-1
I've owned this movie for quite a few years now. Having lived through the UK punk scene around the same time that this movie was made I can relate to a lot of it. If one is expecting a movie that has had a lot of money put into it then maybe this is not your kind of flick. For the budget that this was made with, I feel its a great movie for its time and like a few other movies in that time period its great to look back on.

The 'old' America, with the big old gas guzzling cars, buses that had the black cloud of smoke that came out the back of them and the attitude is all part of what WAS back then.

I love this movie and I put it on about every six months just to remind me of the past and how different it is now.

One of the best punk films!

By: LuciferVsKami
Yes yes. I was not raised in the 80's but I've always been into the punk scene thanks to not only my uncles but also my brothers. Though it was more like a B rate movie I loved it! The acting wasn't very good but damn it the actors got the point across! It was so accurate as well. I just loved it. I kinda wish they could of got more band to perform for it but I was extremely happy with their choice of bands. (T.S.O.L., D.I., and The Vandals) Especially D.I.! ("Richard Hung Himself" is one of the best songs ever!) This movie is clearly not a movie to watch with family. (Unless they aren't as strict as my own) This is due to the nudity, large amount of cussing and violence in the film. As learned from experience when my parents found it and thus burned all my band shirts, docs, jeans, and denim jacket.

A little bit of everything punk....

By: wobbly33
This is not a documentary, although much of it is allegedly based on fact. What "Suburbia" does, and does well, is capture a moment in LA/OC punk. If you were there, you recognize almost every character in the film, and you probably recognize a lot of the "actors." It's a grab bag of punk "types": the skinhead, the conehead, the goth, the mohawk, etc. etc. But if you were an LA suburban punk, you knew someone just like all of them. If you're of a certain age, of a certain time, of a certain place, it's a touchstone. You know exactly what it was like. Even the rednecks have their place, when the plants were closing, when and middle-class life starting fading away. The story is not great, the acting is not great, but the moment is captured, and if you were there, it takes you right back: when moshing was called slamming, and tattoos were done with a straightpin by hand, not next door to the Starbucks. If you weren't, you get a pretty good idea about what is was like to be a punk when you couldn't buy it at the mall, when it might actually get you beaten up by jocks, when a nosering might get you fired from the record store. Punk was, for a time, actually dangerous. And that made it great.

Blast from......

By: reg-71
I recently rediscovered this movie in a bargain bin. When I was growing up in Dublin this was the movie we all watched when one of our parents went out and we could sneak in some beer. One night I couldn't afford beer and bought a jar of coffee instead . I watched the movie 5 times that night!!

I was nervous putting on the movie. (I had found Sid And Nancy a few weeks previously and found it absolutely awful.) But it was like a trip down a familiar path. This movie is Quality. The acting is awful, the message is non-existent and did I mention the acting is awful, but it doesn't matter .Its a perfect snapshot of what it was like to be a young punk anywhere in the eighties and pre Nirvana nineties. The fact that not one band gets to finish a set was true a lot of the time, (usually because of idiots like the TR kids!!!) The kids are not meant to be role models they are meant to be lost kids who lash out as kids are wont to do

.This movie isn't meant to be over analised . For anyone who's in their mid 30's and had any interest in Hardcore/Punk during their teens should own this movie. Reg

A very good film

By: orlanthrex
Suburbia is one of my favourite films. Its cheap in places with tacky sounds, however that only adds to its charm. The characters have appeal and the situations seem real. There is nothing pretentious about it, the protagonists are not made out to be either good or evil, just drifting teenagers who don't think through what they do. The director draws us along with some sympathy for the TR even when they are up to no good, as its clear that deep down they don't actually mean any harm to anyone. A lot of people have rated this film with 10's, I can't see that (and gave it a 7) as it is still basically a cheap B movie. But definitely a good one.

what are you all dressed up for? where's the war?

By: jonah hex
This movie sucks. It is, however, the suckiest movie that I have ever wanted to watch about 50 times in my lifetime. This is the definitive punk-fiction film. No other movie more accurately portrayed what it was like to grow up in the punk scene in the eighties, and it's one of the only films to show what it was like to squat in the punk scene in Los Angeles. It's true, if you get a bunch of real punks and attempt to make them actors and get Roger"Carnosaur"Corman to produce it, you should probably expect something to this effect, but the hammy dialogue and acting are part of the charm. I wholly related to this movie as a teenager, and will always look back fondly upon it. Cheers to Penelope Spheeris, for creating a PR classic.

Representin' the 80's LA punk scene

By: tango1
I don't know about the experience of punkers in other parts of the country in the early to mid 1980's, but as a kid born/raised in LA (and an active punk from 1979 - 1987), this movie comes as close to my personal experience as one could get.

Yes, the film and especially the acting are rough - but it is also very "real" to me as a result. These kids weren't "A" List Hollywood actors, they were mostly kids from the scene at the time and therefore quite accurate.

Again, this is a portrayal of the punk scene in Los Angeles in the early to mid 1980's; it is NOT about the poser crap (IMMHO anyway) that punk became in the 1990's. And it certainly does not reflect or imitate what the current parody of a raw and creative movement that began in the late 1970's. Sorry youngsters, this is not a punk film for the "new generation..."

While this film is indeed flawed for many reasons (acting, lighting, etc), it still manages to hold up quite well for those of us who lived the LA scene some 18+ years ago.

The punk scene in the eighties was different for everybody..

By: marshottentot
I was a punker up in the Maine woods for cryin' out loud! But Penelope Spheeris' "Suburbia", although playing out in L.A., spoke out to me with it's message of alienation and teen angst. It's crappy , sure, but it's not completely off the mark either. The apathy, confusion, sexual frustration, all right on. It's depiction of the punk lifestyle is probably horrifying/ridiculous to todays bubble gum punkers, but hey, that's the way it was. Although I prefer Alex Coxs' "Repo Man", and Tim Hunters' "River's Edge" for a better look at wasted youth culture in the eighties, "Suburbia" is still a good look at a time gone by. Picture one bitter tear rolling down the cheek of a graying punker with a button up sweater and walker. Now SPIT in his eye!! LOL!!

Punks as actors, not actors as punks - excellent.

By: frankbell
During my career as an "angry youth," this film, along with "Made in Britain," (Tim Roth) "Clockwork Orange," and "River's Edge," were required viewing. Penelope Spheeris did a class-A job of depicting what it was like to be young and different in a time in America when outward weirdness invited violence by jocks or other assorted meatheads. Kids who dye their hair blue and get their eyelids pierced at the mall in 2000 should watch this film and see what the consequences for "expressing one's self" were for old schoolers who think Marylin Manson is nothing more than a cheap Vaudeville rip-off artist. Think the type of stuff depicted in this film doesn't still happen? Think again - the killing of punker Brian Deneke in Texas a few years ago will shatter that notion. This film is kind of hard to find on video. You generally won't find it at Blockbuster. Try the mom & pop places.

Insightful and Entertaining- One of the best films of the 80's

By: MisterWhiplash
The Wild Side (I personally know it as Suburbia) is a very well done film. It may not have a lot of heart or plot or other things some good films have, but it does have one thing- attitude. And that is something that counts in this type of film. It also has some good acting (Flea makes his screen debut in this film) and good scene design. And I think the film is insightful because it shows ordinary film buffs about a world not many of us know or want to know about- the world of punks. The film does have plenty of drama to go around (if you don't believe me, just look at the first scene where a rabid dog attacks a defenseless baby) and even though it doesn't have enough heart to back it up, it brings it back up with it's cool punk rock scenes, stylish techniques, and other small things. In short, besides Wayne's World, this is Penelope Spheeris' best film yet and most likely nothing like this will come around again.

An ambitious first effort

By: Baroque
While arguably not Spheeris' best work, it was her first, and in my opinion, most ambitious. The film was shot on a threadbare budget with non-professional actors, with most of the action taking place in an abandoned tract house in a suburb slated for demolition (the area is now a highway). The punk rockers are outcasts from society who attempt for form a "family" of their own, that they call "The Rejected" (The irony of it all, outcasts being anti-social together). The film bogs down at times, and often relies on reversed clichés, but was a very good effort for a documentary film-maker who was making her first dramatic feature (Some of the themes of being an outsider were used, with greater success, in Spheeris' feature DUDES). Yes, it could be called "punxploitation", but I was one of those scruffy kids with a ragged haircut and ripped jeans when this film was released, and I identified with it. (Not to be confused with Richard Linklater's "subUrbia").

One of my favorite movies!

By: jensav
I love this film. What can I say? Yes, the acting is bad, but this would be because for the most part, these kids are actual street kids and not "actors". So, get past the low budget and the bad acting for a second and look at the story. Kids (punks) who live in an abandoned house and are rejected by society. How much more realistic can you get? This movie is a cult classic, and for those into punk, a must-see! Why? Because it has performances by D.I., The Vandals and others. Also, you can catch Flea in what's probably his first film, credited as something like Mike B. The Flea. Check it out!!